Service Process


When a lithium battery has some complexity, it becomes much more than a component. Combining chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering into one sub-system, and taking care of your related logistics and commercial concerns at the same time needs to be based on a good dialogue.

We consult with you in full, taking a few days to engage with your design, commercial and management teams to understand the requirements for the battery, packaging, certifications for market access and your project goals. This gives us the understanding needed to complement your own expertise with ours and create commercial and technical recommendations which deliver against your priorities.


Rather than give one-line quotes or ball-park figures, we think it’s better to use that understanding to provide a full project proposal to your team which details the scope of work, design concept, engineering and production pricing, timing and the thinking behind our recommendations. Our customers think it’s better too, gaining a clear understanding of the whole project life from the start.