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Our CellPac PLUS service focuses on designing and manufacturing customer- specific battery packs for mobile equipment. VARTA Microbattery combines its expert knowledge in cell chemistry and electronics with extensive market experience – for example in the fields of communications, medical technology, robotics and special-industrial. Because they are designed for specific applications, CellPac PLUS power packs offer maximum safety, reliability and efficiency. The CellPac PLUS service is particularly recommended for applications with multi-cell requirements, electronics functions and user-removable batteries. Volumes vary according to need. Larger packs of several hundred Watt-hours may be viable from 2000pcs while smaller handheld products may begin in the 10,000pcs+ range.
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Reach market maturity more quickly with CellPac PLUS

We provide comprehensive product management and consultancy covering the initial specification right up to the production of your battery packs through to end of life. The CellPac PLUS Team is comprised of engineers and project managers with a wealth of experience to offer considered design and certification of your power packs. We take on the responsibility of supplying the best possible battery for your product within the specified time and budget.

CellPac PLUS

Designing a power pack for a specific piece of equipment involves numerous aspects, ranging from mechanical design to certification.

Do you want an installed or rechargeable power pack?

A built-in battery pack costs less than a rechargeable one. On the downside, its service life limits the service life of the equipment as a whole. This limitation does not exist with a rechargeable power pack. By comparison, however, it needs to be more robust and fitted with suitable interfaces, especially if it is changed frequently.

Mechanical design

The protective function of the casing and the electrical connection are the key aspects of mechanical design. The available installation space and capacity requirement must also be taken into consideration.

Cell technology

The choice of cell technology plays a key role in determining the properties of a battery pack. Capacity, standby consumption, discharge profile and temperature sensitivity are dictated by the cell technology.

Configuration and electronics

How much energy is needed for an application until the next charge? How big are the expected current peaks, and what does the consumption profile generally look like? These are questions that play a key role when configuring a power pack. Equally, overload protection needs to be provided, and the discharge during application displayed, in order to ensure as long a service life of the power packs as possible.

Tests and certification

Transport clearance is necessary for rechargeable lithium batteries as they are otherwise classified as hazardous goods, which makes shipping more complicated, and more expensive. Right from the start, we make sure your power packs have the necessary permits, and your equipment can be safely operated. For example, our lithium packs are subjected to a certified testing procedure.

Technical Articles about Lithium-Ion Packs

Detailed, technical and important information about all our products are essential for comprehending the nature and scope of the assortment. These technical articles are written by battery experts at VARTA Storage from all different kind of fields like mechanical and electrical development, logistics or certification office.

It's our pleasure to have this information available to you. Please feel free to download the material.

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CellPac PLUS
CellPac PLUS
CellPac PLUS
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CellPac PLUS
CellPac PLUS
CellPac PLUS
CellPac PLUS

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