We offer innovations and services for a wide variety of markets.

Portable Industrial Applications

VARTA Storage offers expertise in the design of Lithium batteries for industrial applications and harsh environments. Often, industrial requirements for portable applications may exceed basic power needs and include considerations like extended temperature range performance, water ingress protection or ATEX certification.

  • Robust, and reliably sealed for harsh operating environments
  • Product certified according to latest applicable market standards (e.g. UL2054, IEC62133 edition 2)
  • Designed for ideal performance
  • Considered cell selection to balance application, environment and commercial influences
  • Safety and quality approach from design to realization, through careful consultancy

VARTA Storage Battery Packs for portable applications:
  • Camera Systems
  • Industrial Remote Controls
  • Industrial Comms
  • ...

Medical Applications

VARTA Storage is a proud supply partner to many medical companies for their palliative and therapeutic devices as well as accessory products. Working within FDA requirements and Medical Class I and Class II devices, our project management, design and operational teams have a strong understanding and experience of extended design requirements and design cycles, operational requirements and restrictions and certification needs. We work hand-in-hand with our customers on their projects to ensure that we provide long-term supply longevity, documentation and audit support, supplier and supply-chain management beyond medical-grade battery performance.

Key requirements
  • High performance and reliability
  • Careful cell selection to maximize product longevity and avoid end of life during application lifetime and support period as well as balancing battery function and commercial restraints
  • Wide range of market-access certifications such as UL2054, IEC 62133 edition 2, ...
  • Safety and quality approach in-line with Medical Class I and Class II devices
  • Robust and easy for use by care-givers and patients
  • Antibacterial battery casings

VARTA Storage Battery Packs for:
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Surgical lights and tools
  • Dental tools
  • Medical hoists
  • Infusion pumps
  • Hospital communications

Professional Communication Applications

VARTA Storage understands that the battery is a mission-critical component in devices such as TETRA handsets, satellite phones and video equipment. Giving customers the confidence that power will be available when needed in potentially harsh environments and over an extended product lifetime is critical to end-users who may be using communications equipment in security, law enforcement, military or safety contexts.

Key requirements
  • Cell selection to provide longest possible runtime and total battery lifetime
  • Battery design to cover wide range of temperature environments, often worldwide (-40degC to +80degC)
  • Storage life and charging performance
  • Compact, energy dense designs for easy carrying of spares
  • Market access certifications, often worldwide (UL, PSE, KC, Ghost R etc)

VARTA Storage Battery Packs for:
  • Satellite Phones
  • TETRA Phones
  • Security handsets
  • Emergency call devices

Humanoide Robotic

A relatively new but demanding industry, VARTA Storage is naturally engaged in supporting world-leading applications. Complex humanoid robotics applications may need considerable power but almost certainly complexity in the electronics. Larger packs of 1kWh and above may come into play and batteries may commonly feature cell balancing, complex communications, fuel gauging and thermal management as well as meeting the usual requirements for performance, longevity and budget considerations. As you would expect, with VARTA Storage, you will be in good hands.

Key requirements
  • Advanced battery features; communications, fuel gauging, cell balancing, thermal management
  • High performance and reliability providing energy for electronics, communication and motor functions in parallel (complex energy usage profiles)
  • Experience and understanding in battery development for robotics applications, design requirements and considerations and certification requirements
  • Cell selection to ensure best performance balance across all project requirements