Smaller, lighter, more powerful Lithium-ion batteries


VARTA Microbattery/VARTA Storage group at the Electronica 2016: • New CoinPower model • CellPack BLOX for individual battery solutions

Phone, check e-mails or listen to music while you’re on the move, or have your cable-free vacuum cleaner travel over your parquet floor – our modern lives would not be possible without one raw material: lithium. Lithium-ion battery packs are used in almost all areas of life, and have now already become an essential everyday item. The VARTA Microbattery/VARTA Storage group will demonstrate new areas of application and developments in battery technology at this year’s Electronica from 8 to 11 November 2016 in Munich. VARTA will be represented at the world’s leading trade fair for components, systems and applications in electronics in Hall A2, stand 125. According to Herbert Schein, CEO of VARTA Microbattery/VARTA Storage: “The focus at our stand will be on new areas of application for our battery solutions and other improvements”.

New CoinPower 1454 A3 for Bluetooth applications

Batteries need to be smaller, lighter and more powerful, particularly for applications such as headphones, wearables or medical products. VARTA Microbattery will present the new CoinPower CP 1454 A3, a rechargeable lithium-ion coin battery, for the first time in Germany. The CP 1454 A3 is an extension of the product line consisting of the CP 1254 A2 and CP 1654 A2. With a capacity of 85mAh, a diameter of 14.1 millimetres and weighing just 2.4 grammes, it meets customer demands for higher capacity and smaller size. The CP 1254 and CP1654 types will be launched onto the market at the end of the year with a further increase in capacity. In the growing Bluetooth headphone market, there are many possible uses for the small energy suppliers, just as there are in fitness trackers, smart watches and wearable devices. The cylindrical form and high energy density are ideal for this type of application. Fast charging, a high level of robustness and a durable construction round off the CoinPower series profile.

The CoinPower series has produced six patents, including the i-Lock system, which together with the circular form enables up to 30 percent higher energy density than any comparable microbattery on the market.

CellPac BLOX-Service: battery pack configuration service 

The Power Packs Solutions division at VARTA Storage will present its rechargeable ready-to-use lithium-ion battery packs at the Electronica. The CellPac series makes it possible to respond to a wide range of different customer demands and to develop precisely the right battery solution or choose from pre-configured battery packs which are immediately available. The fields of application range from portable products such as point-of-sale terminals, barcode scanners or satellite trackers through to medical devices.

The new CellPac BLOX service enables rapid, low-cost prototyping of rechargeable power systems. The battery pack configuration service gives faster time to market than a full custom design. It offers system designers a range of lithium-ion cells, Protection Circuit Modules (PCMs) and connectors which can be combined to produce lithium-ion batteries ranging from 150mAh up to 7,800mAh.

More than 50 combinations of cells and PCMs have been tested and validated by VARTA Storage to guarantee safety, and almost any standard wire/connector assembly can be added to create a semi-custom lithium-ion soft pack. A detailed CellPac BLOX Handbook allows for easy selection of compatible components.

VARTA Storage will ship approval samples and full drawings of the user’s chosen battery pack configuration within three weeks of receipt of the customer specification. On approval of the samples, VARTA Storage begins shipments for mass production, with an expected lead time of 12-16 weeks.

All cells carry UL 1642 recognition, and all packs are tested for transportation according to the UN 38.3 standard. On request, additional options are available to CellPac BLOX users, such as IEC 62133 certification, or the use of non-standard connectors.

The introduction of the CellPac BLOX service is aimed at SMEs for which the NRE and unit costs of a full custom lithium-ion pack are often too high but where time-to-market is also critical. CellPac BLOX allows them to configure a battery pack which closely matches the electrical and mechanical requirements of their application and to implement it quickly in their end product design.

The CellPac BLOX service is available through all authorised distributors of VARTA Storage products in Europe.

About VARTA Storage GmbH

The VARTA Storage GmbH, a company of VARTA Micro Group, is one of the leading companies in the field of battery energy storage. Based in the Bavarian Nördlingen, Germany, VARTA Storage has specialized in lithium-ion battery storage for use in private households. Through research and development the company makes an efficient contribution to the energy turnaround and the environment.



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