VARTA Storage energy storage systems

VARTA Storage is a sound investment for your future

VARTA Storage energy storage systems are available in three different sizes.

Power3/6/9 kWh2.8 – 6.9 kWh3.7 – 13.8 kWh


Solar energy you can tap around the clock

The energy transition starts within your own four walls with energy generated sustainably using photovoltaics or wind power or at combined heat and power plants. Generating your own electricity is an important step in the direction of gaining independence from the energy utilities. The sun and the wind aren’t in the habit of sending electricity bills. But even the best solar and wind power systems can only generate electricity for as long as the elements continue to play their part – but for the rest of the day, you are still reliant on grid electricity.

VARTA’s energy storage systems are the ideal solution for anyone who wishes to use the electricity they generate themselves all day long. This can boost your self-consumption to 70% or more and is the key to being truly independent from the energy utilities and electricity price hikes.

Varta. Put yourself in safe hands.

Rely on quality Made in Germany.

Investing in high-quality energy storage systems will pay off – sooner rather than later, depending on how electricity prices continue to develop. The key arguments for it making sense in the long term are future security and durability.

You’re in safe hands with the VARTA Storage brand. We have stood for innovative, safe and reliable energy solutions for more than 125 years. The quality ethos that made us the provider of energy for the first moon landing in 1969 is what sets the VARTA Storage energy storage system that you have at home apart from the rest, both now and in the future.

Only high-quality thermally stable lithium-ion cells are used in VARTA Storage energy storage systems, resulting in high efficiency and a long life without a performance-decreasing ‘memory’ effect. We offer a ten-year warranty on our battery cells!

When it comes to safety, VARTA Storage sets the industry benchmark – with a multistage concept comprising everything from special cell chemistry to an energy and battery management system. Don’t compromise on such an important part of your home’s power supply!

Energy storage systems that grow with you.

Modular systems

VARTA home and VARTA family are modular in design, so their capacities can be brought into line with your specifi c needs whenever necessary, including after installation. No matter which expansion level you choose, you will benefi t from high-performance, reliable VARTA Storage battery technology that allows you to achieve a high degree of self-consumption and boasts quick charging and discharging times.

VARTA element

VARTA home

VARTA family

Top quality at an entry-level price! VARTA element is available in three power capacities (3.2 kWh/6.4 kWh/
9.6 kWh (VARTA element 3 and VARTA element 6 are extendible up to 9,6 kWh whenever needed) that cater for all storage needs, from small to big.

VARTA home offers power ranging from 2.8 kWh to
6.9 kWh. The system is designed for small to medium-sized households with the usual electrical appliances that wish to increase their selfconsumption.

With power ranging from 3.7 kWh to 13.8 kWh, VARTA family is ideal for larger households and apartment buildings wishing to increase their self-consumption. The stored electricity can also be used to feed heavy consumers such as electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

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VARTA Connect

VARTA Storage App

Calculation tool

Your VARTA Storage energy storage system is a safe and reliable component of modern building automation. It can be interconnected simply, flexibly and intelligently in all sorts of different configurations. Efficient energy management is therefore made simple with VARTA Connect.

The VARTA Storage App enables you to control and view your VARTA Energy Storage System at any time.

View your performance data, self-sufficiency and self-consumption rate as well as the savings in power costs that you achieve with your system on a daily, monthly, annually basis or over the entire lifetime.

Plan your ideal storage size.

Record your plant data and determine a possible memory layout.

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VARTA Storage energy storage systems – the decisive step from being a consumer to an energy provider. Not only do you generate your own electricity – you can also use a great deal of it around the clock. Become an independent self-provider – we would be happy to advise you.

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